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Mango Salsa

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This enticingly sweet and spicy mango salsa is super simple to make, and astoundingly delicious. It is made with sweet juicy and ripe mangoes, red bell peppers, red onions, jalapeño, cilantro, lime, and salt. 

It is made with 7 ingredients and ready in under 5 minutes! It is oil-free!

mango salsa in a light blue color bowl and a couple of manago slices on the side

Mango salsa goes well as a chip dip for chips or toppings for your favorite meals. Plus, this vibrant and indulging mango fruit salsa can also be served as a perfect appetizer, side dish, or condiment for gatherings and get-togethers.

The use of fresh, healthy, and low-fat ingredients makes this irresistible mango salsa much more intriguing. This is one of such recipes that is loved by everyone. A must-try recipe for anyone who is a mango lover!

On this page you will get a step-by-step mango salsa picture recipe and a video guide on how to make mango salsa.

a blue bowl of mango salsa kept on a white marble background

Mango is one of my favorite fruits. When grocery stores are full of fresh mangoes during summer, then I make certain to buy plenty of luscious and ripe mangoes for eating, as well as for making mango dishes such as mango lassi, mango ice cream, mango kulfi, mango milkshake, mango pudding, mango mousse, mango cheesecake, mango sago, and mango salsa amongst many more dishes.

What are the benefits of Mango Salsa?

This mango salsa:

✓ is ridiculously simple, quick, and effortless

✓ is super refreshing and tasty

✓ is suitable for plant-based and keto-friendly diets

✓ is vegan and gluten-free 

✓ can be served with many dishes

✓ is made with only 7 handfuls of healthy ingredients

✓ is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals

✓ is good for digestion

✓ is ready in under 5 minutes

overhead shot of a mango salsa bowl and a mango slice on the side

What are the ingredients needed for making Mango Salsa?

You will need only 7 basic fresh and healthy ingredients. Plus, this amazingly delicious mango salsa is easy to make. 

The 7 ingredients needed to make Mango Salsa are:


For this mango recipe, you can use any of your favorite types of good ripe and juicy mangoes. Just do not use the fibrous ones; the fibers in salsa don’t taste very good.

Red onion:

I added red onions because they are not so spicy, they add a nice crunch, and they also add a nice contrast to the main bright yellow color of the salsa. However, you can also use yellow onions here.

Red bell pepper:

A gorgeous red colored bell pepper adds a beautiful color, texture, and flavor to this salsa. Also, its addition makes this salsa rich in antioxidants. I added chopped red bell peppers here, but you can also use orange, yellow, or even green. Any of your favorite bell peppers would work just fine here. A combination of different colored bell peppers can also be used here.


Fresh herby punch from fresh ‘cilantro’ adds a spectacular taste to this mango salsa. If you are not a fan of cilantro, then you can replace cilantro with basil leaves.


They add a mildly hot flavor and color to the salsa. Feel free to use any other chili peppers of your choice.

Lime juice:

Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a nice zesty tang to the sweet salsa. You can swap lime with lemon juice. But just don’t use the bottled juice, it doesn’t taste so good here.


Some salt balances the flavors of this sweet and sour salsa and also brings out all the scrumptious flavors. You can also add some pepper to this salsa.

a female holding a light blue mango salsa bowl

How to make Mango Salsa?

Making mango salsa is very quick and easy and can be done in only 5 simple steps! 

Below are 5 easy to follow steps for making Mango Salsa:

Step 1: 

Peel, and dice mango; discard the stone.

Step 2: 

Also chop jalapeno, onion, bell pepper, and cilantro.

Step 3: 

Assemble the salsa by adding diced mangoes, jalapeno, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, lime juice, and salt to a mixing bowl.

Step 4: 

Toss all the ingredients well, and chill for about 15-20 minutes. It can also be enjoyed right away without chilling. Refrigerating for 15-20 minutes lets the flavors mingle and salsa tastes more succulent.

Step 5: 

Give it a stir and serve mango salsa chilled.

For a full list of Mango Salsa recipe ingredients and step-by-step photo and video instructions, please see the recipe box on this page.

How to use Mango Salsa?

A refreshingly sweet, spicy, and tasty Mango salsa can be used in many ways. It is a perfect dip for tortilla chips, vegetable chips, or even crackers. 

It can also be used as a topping for your fish, quesadillas, chicken, enchiladas, tacos, tostadas, vegan meal bowls, quinoa, rice burritos, rice pilaf, or any seafood. Plus, it goes undoubtedly well with any other Mexican dish. 

You can even use mango salsa to make a tropical bruschetta. Or just serve it as it is. 

No matter how you choose to serve it, this will always shine on your snack or dining table. 

a light blue mango salsa bowl and a female in the background

How to store leftover Mango Salsa?

Leftover mango salsa can be stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for up to 4 days. After that, it starts losing its freshness and starts to turn mushy. So don’t store it for more than 4 days.

Can you make mango salsa ahead of time?

Yes, this salsa can be made in advance. It tastes fresh for up to 4 days so you can prepare it and store it.

Can you freeze Mango Salsa?

Yes, mango salsa is absolutely freezable. Store it in a freezer-safe container or a Ziploc bag and freeze for up to 2 months. When you want to serve, simply thaw this salsa overnight in the refrigerator.

What are the swaps and variations of Mango Salsa?

  • Red bell pepper can be swapped with the jalapeño.

  • You can replace cilantro with basil leaves or parsley.

  • If you want more heat, then you can use jalapeño with seeds. You can also use habanero pepper.

  • Diced pineapple, diced avocado, chopped tomato, diced kiwi, and diced cucumber can also be added to this salsa. 

a female holding a light blue mango salsa bowl

What are the tips and tricks to make the best Mango Salsa?

The following are some important tips and tricks that should be useful.

  1. Always cut the mangoes when you are planning to make salsa, or else it might turn black.

  2. If you find jalapeno is too hot, then you can reduce the amount, or you can swap it with green pepper.

  3. You can also add some black pepper or cayenne pepper seasonings.

  4. If the mangoes are so sour then you can also add some honey to this mango salsa recipe.

  5. For a more zesty touch, add a zest of lime. 

Mango Salsa [Recipe]

Recipe Image
This enticingly sweet and spicy mango salsa is super simple to make, and astoundingly delicious. It is made with sweet mangoes. 
(Rating: 4.9 from 4 reviews)

Prep time 🕐 Cook time 🕐 Total time 🕐
10 mins
Category ☶ Cuisine ♨ Serves ☺
Snack Mexican 4
Nutrition Info ⊛ Serving size ⊚
60 calories 1


For Mango Salsa
  • 1 ripe mango
  • 1 small-sized red onion
  • 1 jalapeño
  • 1/2 large-sized red bell pepper
  • A handful of cilantro leaves
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • Salt, to taste


How to make Mango Salsa
  1. Peel and dice the mango; discard the stone.
  2. Image of the cooking step-1-1 for Mango Salsa
  3. After that, deseed and finely chop jalapeño.
  4. Image of the cooking step-1-2 for Mango Salsa
  5. Now finely chop onion, cilantro, and bell pepper.
  6. Image of the cooking step-1-3 for Mango Salsa
  7. Put the diced mango, chopped red onion, chopped jalapeño, chopped red bell pepper, and chopped cilantro in a medium bowl.
  8. Image of the cooking step-1-4 for Mango Salsa
  9. Drizzle with freshly squeezed lime juice and season to taste with salt. You can also add black pepper. Toss all ingredients together until combined. Chill for 15-20 minutes. This step helps in enhancing the salsa flavor. But this step is entirely optional.
  10. Image of the cooking step-1-5 for Mango Salsa
  11. Serve immediately as a dip for chips, crackers, or as a topping for tacos.
  12. Image of the cooking step-1-6 for Mango Salsa

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  1. You can store it in a refrigerator in an air-tight container for up to 4 days.
  2. Always cut the mangoes when you are planning to make salsa, or else it might turn black.
  3. If you find jalapeno is too hot, then you can reduce the amount, or you can swap it with green pepper.
  4. You can also add some black pepper or cayenne pepper seasonings.

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