Indian Masala Chai Recipe | Spiced Milk Tea Recipe Video

Learn How To Make Authentic Indian Masala Chai Recipe | Spiced Milk Tea Recipe with a simple video tutorial. Tea / Chai is India’s National Drink which is enjoyed by millions of people. Indian chai is a deeply colored, rich, milky, piping hot, flavourful and sweet...


Chocolate Molten Lava Mug Cake

This Chocolate Molten Lava Mug Cake is warm, moist and fluffy on the outside. A warm chocolate molten lava sauce with the gooey oozing chocolaty center inside. Chocolate outside, chocolate inside—I would say it is DOUBLE YUM! Yesterday marked the Solar Eclipse and the...

51 Must Try Valentines Dessert and Drink Ideas For 2019

51 Must Try Valentines Desserts Ideas for 2019 Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. -Oscar Wilde // The clock is ticking...


Besan Stuffed Lauki Curry Recipe Video | Bharwa Lauki

Learn how to make Besan Stuffed Lauki Curry | Bharwa Lauki (भरवा लौकी) with an easy video tutorial. Besan Stuffed Lauki Curry is a classic VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE side dish made by stuffing the bottle gourd with a mixture of besan, peanuts, spices and then served with a...


Pull Apart Garlic Parsley Bread [With Video]

Is it okay if I give you just a little warning at the beginning of this post? The warning is that I am mildly excited about this post. Sorry, actually I take ‘mild’ word back and now I say, I am supremely excited...

Paush Vada Recipe | Paush Bade (Dal Wada)

Paush vada is a very popular dish originating from the pink city of Jaipur. These are deep fried fritters, mostly consumed during winters. This winter snack Paush Bade (posh bada) is made with the combination of yellow lentils and black-eyed beans. Poush vada is...


10 Cooking Hacks and How-tos of The 21st Century

We live in a busy world. In our on-the-go lifestyle, we need to find easy ways to get around in the kitchen. We are going to give you 10 of our favorite 21st-century hacks to help every member of the family prepare food in the kitchen. You can eat healthier and keep...


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