Amritsari Chole | Authentic Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe | Restaurant Style Chole Masala | Video

Detailed Amritsari Chole | Authentic Punjabi Chole Masala Recipe | Restaurant Style Chole Masala recipe with step by step video tutorial. Amritsari Chole is Punjabi style chickpea curry. This amazingly authentic curry tastes heavenly. This dish is sure to bring a flavor of Amritsar streets right into your home. It is so inviting and rich, spicy and full of awesome flavors.
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Healthy Diet Can Help Children Learn

While nutrients are essential for proper activity, kids in schools are now offered foods that hinder them from learning well. Meals containing much sugar, chemicals, caffeine, hormones, and so forth make children tired, distractable, nervous, and sick. All of these not only affect their grades, but also have a negative impact on their behavior, feelings, and well-being.

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Paush Vada Recipe | Paush Bade (Dal Wada)

Paush vada is a very popular dish originating from the pink city of Jaipur. These are deep fried fritters, mostly consumed during winters. This winter snack Paush Bade (posh bada) is made with the combination of yellow lentils and black-eyed beans. Poush vada is specially made and savored during the cold months of December and January because of its anti-cold properties. These Paush vadas are served hot with Paush Khicha/Khichdi.

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Kacchi Haldi ki Sabzi Recipe // Fresh Turmeric Root Curry Video Recipe

Kacchi Haldi ki Sabji Recipe / Fresh Turmeric Root Curry / राजस्थानी कच्ची हल्दी की सब्जी is an authentic Rajasthani recipe which is very popular in the city of Jodhpur. This curry is also called a health booster as it is full of turmeric and other spices, which have some very impressive healing properties. I guess most of us already know about the health benefits of turmeric.

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Kadai Mushroom Gravy | Restaurant Style Shahi Kadai Mushroom Recipe Video

Learn to make Kadai Mushroom Gravy | Shahi Kadai Mushroom Recipe with an easy tutorial. This Shahi Kadai Mushroom is a perfect combo of a cozy + festive dish. The curry is spicy, but sweet and tangy too. Plus, making this curry is just so simple and easy and so flavorful. This Shahi curry is best served with naan or rice.

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Kala Chana Sprouts Chaat | Black Chickpeas Chaat Recipe Video

Learn how to make  Kala Chana Sprouts Chaat | Black Chickpeas Chaat Recipe with a quick video tutorial. This Kala Chana Chaat is overflowing with the combo of deliciousness and good health. This perfectly healthy, delicious and nutritious chaat would surely make your day.  This recipe would come as a savior for the kids who don’t eat sprouts alone. This energy boosting chaat is an interesting way to include some good and nutritious food to kids diet. If the sprouts are steamed and chutneys are made beforehand, then it will only take a few minutes. Seriously, this quick, easy snack can be tossed within 2 mins.
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Afghan Naan Bread Recipe | Naan-e-Afghani | Video

Learn to make Afghan Naan Bread Recipe|Naan-e-Afghani recipe with step by step video tutrial. These long and oval shaped flat-breads/naans are perfctly pillowy, soft and fluffy. They are traditionally made in wood fired ovens but they also taste awesome when they are baked in electric oven. The most distinguishing element of this bread is the addition of the nigella seeds, and the addition of butter makes them rich and delicious.

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Mascarpone Cream Cheese Chocolate Mousse Cups Recipe

This Mascarpone Cream Cheese Chocolate Mousse is definitely one of the most classic chocolate desserts. These are the perfect party dessert since everyone can get their own and you can make small glasses too. Every spoonful in your mouth would take you on a joy ride. This mousse is rich, thick and creamy – just super awesome.

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Instant Pot Butter Paneer Recipe Video

This super easy, creamy, and delicious restaurant style butter paneer recipe is ready under 25 minutes. To enjoy the restaurant style Indian meal at home, try this effortless restaurant style butter paneer recipe which is cooked in your Instant Pot. As you taste it, you won’t believe that it is homemade.

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Coriander Chutney Recipe – 3 Ways | Hare Dhaniye Ki Chutney | Hari Chatni Recipe Video

Learn to make best Green Coriander Chutney Recipe – 3 Ways | Hare Dhaniye Ki Chutney | Hari Chatni Recipe with step-by-step Video tutorialAll these chutneys taste so flavourful and they all are unique. These dips can powerfully enhance the taste of any side dish. Plus, making them takes only a few minutes. No oil/ghee tempering is needed for these healthy and refreshing chutneys. These are very versatile so that you can use them as a dip for any snacks, sandwiches, or Indian stuffed parathas.

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