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// This page introduces the author (Anupama) of My Ginger Garlic Kitchen Recipes Website. Anupama, the author, tells her personal cooking journey story and describes her experience as a recipe maker and a gourmet cook.

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Hello Food Lovers,

My name is Anupama, and I am the creator behind My Ginger Garlic Kitchen Recipes, a premier food website dedicated to sharing innovative recipes, expert cooking tips, and insightful culinary how-tos.

As a bestselling cookbook author and acclaimed food photographer, I bring over 20 years of gourmet cooking experience to my work. My profound passion for cooking, food styling, and photography has not only defined my career but also led to the birth of My Ginger Garlic Kitchen Recipes. On this website, I aim to inspire culinary excellence and creativity, offering a treasure trove of delicious and flavorful recipes and professional food styling insights. Join me on this delicious journey to elevate your home cooking to gourmet standards.

On this website, you will discover exemplary video tutorials and recipes of Indian and western food with spices and herbs. I am sure you will like them as much as I do.

I was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Jaipur, the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Rajasthan, in Northern India. Jaipur is famous for its pink walls, and also known as the Pink City of India.

It has a world famous landmark called Hawamahal, amongst others. I currently live in Europe with my family.

It has been a magnificent experience of organizing my recipes and sharing them at the same time, with all the food enthusiasts. I believe in a varied, healthy diet, using real butter, real cream, eggs, lots of green vegetables, and protein from beans, and cheese.

As we all know that food at restaurant is not so healthy, so I try to make the recipes which are nutritious and mouth-watering at the same time. I love to eat well and, enjoy the experimentation of trying out new recipes.

Whenever I cook something, I always taste before serving it to anyone. Reason that, I believe to satisfy my taste buds first. I believe, if I am not happy with the recipe I made, no one else is going to adore it.

I love the recipes which are well presented. So I emphasize on food styling, when I cook. I believe that, food which looks good tastes good. I love to make new recipes. I am a creative person in a way, so I never hesitate in making own variations.

I like to have luscious food and try to make recipes, which are delightful. In my childhood, I used to get fascinated with the recipes, which looked enticing.

A little story of how I started cooking

My cooking journey started when I was age 14. So, that means I have been cooking now for over 20 years now. My tongue and empty stomach inspired me to cook. A day when my mother was away and I was hungry.

My elder sister was supposed to feed me but she was sleeping at that time and I did not want to wake her up.

I had seen a recipe with a very beautiful photograph of a sandwich made using Papad, in a magazine. I wanted to try that. So I went to the kitchen and followed all the steps of that recipe carefully. I made a smiley face on the yummy looking sandwich.

You could imagine, I really wanted to taste it without any delay, but instead I showed it first to my sister, who just woke up. I went to her and asked her to taste it. Her very first expressions after eating the sandwich made me extremely joyous.

She liked it very much, and asked me about the recipe.

Then I tasted it myself – my own cooked sandwich. And after that day I did not stop myself, and this beautiful journey began.


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About comments

Comments are welcome on my recipes and posts.

Happy Cooking 🙂

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