16 Flatbread Recipes You Would Love to Try

// The collection of these 16 Flatbread Recipes have healthy, vegetarian and vegan recipes. They are really easy and quick which anyone can make.

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This awesome collection of 16 flatbread recipes complies super delicious and easy to make flatbread recipes that are a huge hit at any time of the year.

Flatbread Recipes You Would Love to Try

They all are healthy, vegetarian and some of them are VEGAN TOO. Plus, they are really simple and quick which anyone can make.

They are loaded with veggies, beans, and protein which makes them all a comfort food and so full of healthy goodness.

I am going to make at least a couple of these tomorrow itself.

I hope that you will surely find a favorite amongst this list of flat-breads.

Try them and do let me know which one is your favorite. :)

1.) Afghan Naan Bread Recipe - Naan-e-Afghani (Video)

Learn to make Afghan Naan bread recipe with a video tutorial. This oval shaped wonderfully soft homemade naan bread is perfect for any kind of curry or stew.

2.) Aloo Palak Paratha – Potato Stuffed Spinach Flatbread

Learn to make Aloo Palak Paratha with step-by-step photo instructions. Aloo Palak Paratha is a spicy potato stuffed spinanch flatbread. Serve with yogurt.

3.) Beetroot Duppad – Beetroot Split Flatbread Recipe

Duppad is a layered Indian Flatbread separated into two layers after cooking. This unique two layers split flatbread has all the added benefits of beet.

4.) Cabbage Spinach Thepla

Cabbage Spinach Thepla is a twisted version of popular methi thepla which is an Indian flatbread made with wheat flour, fenugreek leaves, yogurt, and spices.

5.) Carrot Garlic Triangle Paratha – Carrot garlic Flatbread

Carrot Garlic Triangle Paratha is an Indian flatbread Breakfast/lunch box recipe prepared with garlic, carrots, wheat flour, and seasoned with spices.

6.) Instant Whole Wheat Naan - No Yeast

This Easy Instant Yeast Free Whole Wheat Naan is basically a simple naan recipe made on tawa with yogurt and some baking soda.

7.) Leftover Dal Chawal Paratha – Rice Lentils Flatbread

This step by step recipe of Dal Chawal paratha is an aromatic rice and lentils flatbread made using leftovers. Best served as a breakfast with chutney.

8.) Mint Coriander Tandoori Roti Recipe

Mint Coriander Tandoori roti is a tweaked version of a popular Indian flatbread Tandoori Roti which is traditionally cooked in a clay oven aka Tandoor.

9.) Mooli Paratha With Strawberry Grapes Chutney (Video)

Mooli parathas are Indian flatbreads stuffed with radish. They make a quick breakfast meal. Taste awesome with this tropical Strawberry Grapes Chutney.

10.) Moong Dal Paratha – Green Split lentils Flatbread

Moong Dal Paratha is a delicious and nutritious flatbread. This quick and easy paratha is made with wheat flour, moong dal, and spices. Perfect for breakfast.

11.) Potato Stuffed Tandoori Roti - Bharwa Aloo Tandoori Roti

Potato Stuffed Tandoori Roti or Bharwa Aloo Tandoori Roti is an exotic and delicious stuffed Indian flatbread cooked in oven. Tastes great with pickle.

12.) Rajma Tofu Paratha Pocket Bites With Boondi Raita

These spicy and delicious Rajma Tofu Paratha pockets are a wholesome meal which would taste even better when served with boondi raita. A healthy breakfast.

13.) Red Cabbage Stuffed Paratha

Red Cabbage Stuffed Paratha is a delicious Indian flatbread stuffed with scrumptious cabbage stuffing. This flavorful flatbread makes a tasty breakfast.

14.) Sunahari Makki Ki Roti - Golden Cornmeal Flatbread

Sunahari Makki Ki Roti is a traditional North India flatbread where cornmeal flour is used as a base. Best served with sarso ka saag (mustard greens curry).

15.) Tandoori Garlic Roti Recipe - How To Make Tandoori Roti

Garlic Tandoori Roti is a very popular andd delicious Indian flatbread. Learn to make Garlic Tandoori Roti recipe with step-by-step photo instructions.

16.) Tomato Paratha – Tomato Flatbread - Tamatar Ka Paratha

Tomato Paratha is an Indian style flatbread flavored with spices, and freshly pureed tangy tomatoes. Best served as a dinner or lunch with a side of curry.

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