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Til Laddu - Tilgul (Sesame Seeds Laddu)

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Til Laddu or Tilgul is a traditional and popular Indian ball-shaped sweet dish made during the festival of Lohri, and Makar Sankranti.

This old-fashioned Til Ke Laddu, or sesame seeds and jaggery laddu recipe produces a delicious sweet which fascinates everyone. 

til laddo served in a wooden bowl

This simple and easy video recipe will help you make your best Til Ke Laddu every time. This Til Laddu recipe also has tips and variations on how to make perfect Til Laddu.

An authentic festive goodie, Til Laddu is an exquisite and energizing traditional winter sweet dish made with roasted white sesame seeds and jaggery. 

These quick and easy to make laddus are made with just 3 ingredients. They are ready in 15 minutes and stay fresh for up to 1 month.

This healthy and delicious laddu recipe is made with roasted aromatic sesame seeds (til), jaggery (gur), and some ghee (clarified butter). This is a gluten-free sweet and can also be made vegan. Also, this is very good for keeping you warm during winters. 

These jaggery and sesame seeds laddus are a winter specialty because it is believed that these traditional sweet balls prepared with sesame (til) and jaggery (gur) helps to heat the body due to the heating properties of these 2 divine ingredients. Thus, it is a staple sweet during the winter months amongst Indians.

In Northern Part of India, it is also a custom to make these til laddus in bulk and gift them to neighbors, friends, relatives with some other gifts. 

For many years, my mother and grandmother gifted these homemade laddus to our relatives, friends and neighbors, and they reciprocated by gifting us back the laddus they made. So I can say that I grew up eating so many types of til laddus. :)

a close up shot of til laddo

What is Makar Sankranti?

Makar Sankranti is an Indian festival day devoted to the deity Sun (Surya). It is always celebrated each year on 14th or 15th of January when it marks the first day of the sun’s transit into Capricorn (Makara). 

This festival is also known as the Kite festival in the royal city of Jaipur, where I come from. Flying kites is a tradition on this occasion. The sky in Jaipur is filled with so many colorful kites on this day. 

This year’s Makar Sankranti is just around the corner. So this is the best time to share this traditional sweet til laddu or sesame seeds ladoo recipe.

a close up of til laddo bowl

What is laddu?

Laddu or Ladoo is the Indian word for a sphere or ball-shaped Indian sweet dish. These ball-shaped sweets are usually made with some kind of flour, nuts, grains or lentils, ghee, and sugar. 

What is Til Laddu?

Til laddu (Til Ke Laddu, Tilgul, Tilkut) is a traditional and popular sweet which is specially made during Sankranti. This dessert Til Laddu or Tilgul is a winter delicacy made with ’Til’ = Sesame and ‘Gur/Gul’ = Jaggery

These laddus are made with only 2 main ingredients: Til (sesame seeds) and Gur (jaggery). 

Jaggery has a peculiar taste that elegantly complements the roasted sesame seeds. Melted jaggery provides enough stickiness to hold the laddu together. Also, a little ghee (clarified butter) is added to these laddus, and the addition of ghee boosts the aroma of these laddus. 

Til Laddu = An ideal warming and immunity boosting sweet snack for winters. 

Make them and store them at room temperature to enjoy whenever you are craving for something sweet.

This Til Laddu (Sesame Seeds Ladoo) recipe:

✓ is quick, easy and fuss free.

✓ is ready under 15 minutes.

✓ makes a warming winter sweet.

✓ healthy and delicious.

✓ makes a perfect gift for festivals.

✓ is Gluten free and can be made vegan

sesame ladoo is served in a wooden bowl

Other winter delicacies made with jaggery are:

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I have also shared a tweaked and no-cook version of these laddus, They are Chocolate Twisted Sankranti Laddo.

What are the ingredients to make Til Laduu?

Authentic Til Ke Laddu is only made with 3 basic ingredients. These ingredients are:

  • White sesame seeds (safed til)
  • Jaggery (gur)
  • Clarified butter (ghee)

How To Make Til Laddu?

Making authentic til laddu is very easy and quick. To make til laddu you simply need to dry roast white sesame seeds until they are light golden and release a nutty aroma. 

Then jaggery is melted with some ghee. Finally, the roasted sesame seeds are mixed with melted jaggery and then shaped into balls. Done!

a person holding a til laddu bowl

Tips and variations to make best til ladoo:

  1. If you don’t like whole sesame seeds, then you can also powder half of the roasted sesame seeds. 
  2. I have used powdered jaggery, but you can also use chopped jaggery for this recipe.
  3. For a nutty texture and flavor, you can also add some roasted coconut to this laddu recipe. 
  4. To make these laddus vegan, replace ghee (clarified butter) with almond or cashew butter.
  5. Traditional laddus only have jaggery and sesame seeds, but if you want you can also add some powdered roasted peanuts to this Til Laddu.
  6. Cardamom powder can also be added to this laddu mixture.
  7. Feel free to add any chopped nuts of your choice. 
  8. Don’t overcook the jaggery — you just need to melt the jaggery. If you overcook the jaggery, then the laddus will become hard.
  9. Don’t let the laddu mixture cool down completely, because it tends to harden fast. And it is nearly impossible to form laddus with a hard mixture.
  10. You can easily double or triple this recipe. If you are planning to make these laddus in bulk then you should use a helping hand. This is because the mixture would turn hard quickly and you won’t be able to mold all the laddus in time. 
til laddu bowl kept on a grey woolen fabric

Til Laddu - Tilgul [RECIPE]

An authentic festive goodie, Til Ladoo is an exquisite and energizing traditional winter sweet dish made with roasted white sesame seeds and jaggery.
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For Til Laddu:

• 1 cup til (sesame seeds)
• 2 tablespoons ghee (clarified butter)
• 1 cup gud (jaggery), powdered or chopped

🕐 Prep time 🕐 Cook time 🕐 Total time
☶ Category ♨ Cuisine ☺ Serves
Dessert Indian 14-15 Laddus

Nutrition Info: 70 calories // Servings: 1 Laddu


How to Make Til Laddu:

  1. In a pan, dry roast sesame seeds for 2-3 minutes on medium heat or until they change colour and relase a nutty aroma. They would start crackling at this stage.
  2. Once done, trasfer roasted sesame seeds on a plate and let it cool down.
  3. In a pan, add 1 tablespoon ghee, jaggery and cook on low heat until the jaggery starts to melt. Keep stirring constantly.
  4. Once the jaggery starts to melt, add 1 tablespoon ghee and keep stirring and cooking on low heat until the jaggery is entirely melted. Turn off the heat immediately. (Do not overcook, you just need cook till the jaggery is melted and there are no solid parts.)
  5. Next, add roasted sesame and mixing them together.
  6. Remove the mixture in a plate, and let it cool down for 2 minutes. Do not let the mixture cools down completely or else it will be hard to make balls.
  7. Grease your palms and then wet your palms before making balls. This would prevent sticking mixture on your hands and it won't burn your hands.
  8. Start making small balls with the mixture by rolling it between your palms till smooth.
  9. Let them cool completely before storing or eating.
  10. Once the Laddus are cooled, they are ready to eat.
  11. Store the til (sesame) laddus in an an airtight container for up to 1 month.
  12. Til laddu are ready to be served.


1. Traditional laddus only have jaggery and sesame seeds, but if you want you can also add some powdered roasted peanuts to this til Laddu
2. Cardamom powder can also be added to this laddu mixture.
3. Feel free to add any chopped nuts of your choice.

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