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10 Diwali Raita Recipes

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Don’t forget to accompany your favourite meal with some cooling and freshening raita recipes this Diwali. Raitas make a great addition to any spicy Indian meal. So why not make a variety of healthy and refreshing raita recipes which go along with your favourite meal.


The great thing about raita is that you can combine them with almost any spicy meal like biryani, pulao, stuffed paratha, or a dal bati thali. We’ve got you a mix of 10 traditional and modern revitalizing raita recipes which everyone will love.

Make any of these raitas, and get ready to see a sparkle of joy in the eyes of your loved ones.

Here is the list of 10 Raita Recipes:

1.) Aloo Raita – Potato Raita

Aloo Raita or Potato Raita is an easy and nutritious yogurt based condiment which is cooked with boiled potato and seasoned yogurt. Perfect with any rice.

2.) Besan Ke Cheele Ka Raita - Chickpea Pancake Yogurt

In this Rajasthani Besan Ke Cheele Ka Raita chickpea flour pancakes are dunked into chilled spiced yogurt base and tempered with cumin seeds and asafetida.

3.) Boondi Raita Recipe - How to make Boondi ka Raita

Boondi Raita is a classic side dish from North India where spiced yogurt is mixed with boondi (fried gram flour puffs). Fits well with all Indian meals.

4.) Gulkand Dessert Paratha With Gulkand Raita Recipe

This dessert paratha is a painless dessert paratha which can be made with only a few ingredients. This is rustic but nutty and so full of amazing flavors.

5.) Mint Raita – Pudina Raita

Mint or Pudina Raita is a popular Indian mint flavoured yogurt dip made from mint leaves and plain yogurt. A perfect side for parathas, pulao, or biryani.

6.) Pineapple Raita Recipe - Ananas Raita Recipe

Learn to make Pineapple Raita Recipe | Ananas Raita Recipe with the easy step-by-step video tutorial. Pineapple raita | ananas raita is a sweet spicy raita.

7.) Rajma Tofu Paratha Pocket Bites With Boondi Raita

These spicy and delicious Rajma Tofu Paratha pockets are a wholesome meal which would taste even better when served with boondi raita. A healthy breakfast.

8.) Red Grapes Onion Cucumber Raita (RECIPE + STORY)

Red Grapes Onion Cucumber Raita is one of those dishes which can be prepared quickly in just a few minutes. Not so much messy, but super rich and creamy.

9.) Veggie Boondi Raita – Fried Gram Flour Puffs Yogurt Dip

Fruity-Veggie Boondi Raita is a cool tasty condiment which goes well with spicy curries. A perfect pairing for spicy food.

10.) Watermelon Onion Yogurt Chip Dip - Watermelon Raita

This watermelon onion yogurt chip dip is a light and refreshing classic dip perfect for hot days. Serve along with chips or as a side with Indian meal.

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