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Aloo Tikki Burger Recipe

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Learn how to make Aloo Tikki Burger recipe with an easy step-by-step video tutorial. Aloo Tikki Burger is a hearty, satisfying, and veggie Indian spicy burger. Aloo Tikki is deep-fried, crispy and spicy potato patty. This Spicy Potato Patty or MacAloo Tikki is topped with cheese slice, layered with mayonnaise + ketchup and served with the buns and tomato, onions and lettuce.

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Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

Wohoo. Time for some ice-breakers: How are you guys doing? How was your weekend? How was your Diwali / Halloween? Oh, gosh. I have so many things to ask. But you guys are free to answer to only the ones you like. 🙂

My weekend was festive, tech-free and long. I took a break on Monday also. You may ask, what do I mean by tech-free?

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

My Tech DETOX:

During the weekend, I decided to be on a tech and partial Internet DETOX. I was away from all the electronic devices. Yeah, I didn’t open my laptop since Friday. And I must say it was so rejuvenating for me. I checked the internet only twice a day, only to make sure that I don’t miss anything important. It was a great family time we spent without these devices around. And finally, I am back with lots of energy. So cheers to the good times. 🙂

Potato and spice — all things nice.

And now I have something nice to share with you. Ohhh, I have some spicy aloo tikki on a chili rub bun. How does that sound to you? Excited already?

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

Spicy aloo tikki with a spicy bun? That might sound like really spicy for non-chili lovers. But yeah, that’s a super awesome thing for chili lovers like me. 😉 Anyways, if you are planning to make this, then feel free to choose your favorite bun for burger base.

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

MacAloo Tikki Burger is my favorite since Childhood:

I don’t know about you whether you ever had an Aloo Tikki Burger or not because I could only find them in India. This was one of my favorites during my teens. At that time, MacD’s were fairly new in my city, and that too only a couple of them were opened. And these burgers were only sold there. So this Indianized version of the burger was everyone’s new favorite thing. It was just that good. 🙂

I still love this delicious thing, but we don’t get aloo Tikki burgers where I live now. So every time when I have some cravings for this particular burger I make my own. And making this burger is super simple and super fun too.

Aloo Tikki on a burger is like really, really good. This is one of my dearest burger recipes, and not just for the reason that it’s beyond delicious, but also for the fact that they are beyond easy.

Can I pan-fry aloo Tikki Burger?

Yes, you can. If you are calorie conscious, or just want to pass over the deep or shallow frying the patties, then there is another way which pan-frying. For pan frying, simply brush aloo tikki/patties with some oil and roast them on a pan over medium heat. Pan-fried aloo tikki is fairly delicious. Alternatively, you can also grill them on a grilling pan, or in a panini maker.

Can I bake aloo tikki?

Yes. Baking aloo tikk is a cake. Preheated oven to 200°C, and bake for 20-22 minutes, or until they have a nice golden brown color.

How to freeze aloo tikki?

For freezing aloo tikki, half cook tikkis in a pan or lightly fry them. Let them cool down completely. Arrange them on a freezer-safe pan in a single layer and freeze for 2-4 hours. Once they are frozen transfer them into a freezer safe container or in a ziplock bag. Thaw the tikkis in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours prior to cooking. Bake/pan-fry/deep-fry tikkis and use them in your burger or simply enjoy them with some chutney or ketchup. Aloo Tikkis stay fresh in the freezer for up to 2 months.

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

How do you make potato patties for burgers?

You need some boiled potatoes, cooked green peas, and a little ginger-garlic paste for that flavor zing. This really helps add great flavor. Add some spices and shape them into patties. Dip into garlicky flour batter then roll into bread crumbs and refrigerate. Fry them and they are done. Once the burgers are fried, add your cheese, and other toppings as you please.

Make a spicy ketchup by combining, tomato ketchup + mayonnaise and cayenne pepper. This sauce is the base for this burger. Just so so delish! In this burger you have to add some cheese, you simply can’t just skip it.

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

This Aloo Tikki Burger can be your new treasure:

Aloo Tikki Burger could be your new favorite as it’s fresh and light, quick and pretty simple! Basically, it’s the ultimate veggie burger full of amazing flavors which everyone will love. The first thing which you will admit after tasting these will be that you didn’t miss the ‘meat’ at all. After all, taste is king.

These burgers are great for lunch packs. You can make them for dinner and leftover would make a great lunch. A win-win for sure. 🙂

Aloo Tikki Burger | @anupama_dreams

Aloo Tikki Burger [RECIPE]

Aloo Tikki Burger is a hearty, satisfying, and veggie Indian spicy burger. Aloo tikki is deep-fried, crispy and spicy potato patty topped with cheese slice, layered with mayonnaise + ketchup and served with the buns and tomato, onions and lettuce.

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For The Aloo Tikkis:

• Potatoes, Boiled, Peeled And Grated – 4 Medium
• Green Peas, Cooked – ¾ Cup
• Ginger-Garlic Paste – 1 1/2 Tsp
• Red Chili Powder – 1
• Dried Mango Powder – 1 Tsp
• Salt To Taste
• Coriander Powder – 1 Tbsp
• Garam Masala Powder – 1 Tsp
• Rice Flour – 1/4 Cup

For The Flour Dipping:

• All Purpose Flour – 1/4 Cup
• Garlic Powder – 1 Tbsp
• Breadcrumbs – ¼ Cup
• For Frying:
• Oil – For Frying The Patties

For Assembly:

• Butter – 1 Tsp
• Burger Buns – 6 (I Used Chili Rubbed Buns)
• Cheese Slices – 6
• Mayonnaise – 5 Tbsp
• Tomato Ketchup – 5 Tbsp
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes, Sliced
• Onion, Sliced
• Cucumber, Sliced
• Pickled Jalapeño


🕐 Prep time 🕐 Cook time 🕐 Total time
☶ Category ♨ Cuisine ☺ Serves
Main Indian 6

Nutrition Info: 225 calories // Servings: 1 bowl, 4-rolls, etc.


1. In a bowl combine potatoes, peas, salt, chili powder, coriander powder, dried mango powder and garam masala powder and mix well.
2. Add rice flour and mix until incorporated.
3. Make 6 patties similar to the size of the burger bun.
4. In a mixing bowl combine all-purpose flour, salt, and garlic powder.
5 Add water to make a thin batter.
6. Dip patties in flour batter and coat well.
7. Coat with breadcrumbs and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
8. Take breadcrumbs in a plate and coat each patty with the breadcrumbs.
9. Press it lightly, so crumbs stick to the patty.
10. Heat oil in a large frying pan over medium-high heat.
11. When hot, add patties and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown and crisp. Drain on a paper towel. (You can also shallow fry them).
12. Melt butter in a pan and toast bun. Add a patty to the pan and top it with cheese slice.
13. Cover the pan for and roast for about 30-60 seconds.
14. Add lettuce to the bottom bun, followed by Aloo Tikki Patty and sliced tomatoes and onions.
15. Meanwhile, in a bowl combine mayonnaise, ketchup and cayenne pepper and mix well.
16. Add ketchup mixture to the bottom bun, followed by Aloo Tikki, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions, sliced cucumber, pickled jalapeño, and onions.
16. Drizzle with some more ketchup before adding top bun. Serve hot.

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Date Published: 2016-11-02

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