The Different Ways You Can Incorporate Herbs In Your Christmas Recipes

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With only a few days until the much-anticipated Christmas dinner, you must have the necessary ingredients ready! If you must make a last minute shopping trip, now is the time. 

Christmas is a great time of year to properly appreciate herbs and spices. With so many foods to prepare and bake, there is no shortage of ways to include these flavor enhancers in your recipes.

Image of three crsuhed garlic packets with a kitchen towel on the side

When considering herbs and spices to add to your shopping cart choose Dorot Gardens. Dorot Gardens is a culinary invention that gives an easy method to include bold tastes and fresh herbs into your Christmas recipes, addressing the spike in customer interest in quality, sustainability, and taste that Whole Foods Market has highlighted. 

Whether you’re a skilled chef or a culinary novice, Dorot Gardens’ pre-portioned garlic, onions, herbs, and more are your ideal flavor sidekicks, simplifying meal prep without compromising the depth of flavor or freshness.

With that said, here is how you can use herbs to spice up your Christmas dinners that will keep friends and family craving for more.

A few Christmas herbs to use


Rosemary originated in the Mediterranean. Because of its fiery and toasty flavor, it has long been used in meats, balanced with sour lemons, and added to desserts. The trick to using Rosemary is to finely chop it before adding it to your dishes.


This green marvel is often referred to as the ‘Guardian of Herbs.’ It is high in vitamins B, C, and K, as well as calcium, iron, minerals, zinc, and magnesium. You can use it fresh or dried for garnishing salads or make a nutritious drink.


Thyme is a little herb, yet it is one of the most potent. It energizes, stimulates blood circulation, and combats anxiety, stress, and depression. 

You can’t go wrong with adding it to your Christmas special recipes because it’s high in potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, and vitamins.


Parsley is high in chlorophyll, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. The herb is used to purify the body, cleanse, and oxygenate the blood, as well as to treat arthritis, bloating, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, when added to foods, it adds a beautiful color.


This is a winning Christmas spice. You will find it in anything from pastries to applesauce to hot drinks. Cinnamon, in addition to giving taste and aroma, is particularly effective in treating indigestion and nausea. So, if you’ve overindulged, combine 3-4 cinnamon sticks in 2 cups of water to ease your discomfort.

Let’s now see how you can make use of herbs in some Christmas favorites.

Herbs to use on roast meat

Turkey: For a flavorful and aromatic turkey, stuff and sprinkle with onion, garlic, thyme, rosemary, and sage. To enhance the taste even further, consider roasting with some orange and lemon slices alongside the turkey to bring an even fresher aroma.

Pork: Garlic, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme are great on pork to give it a more savory flavor. We suggest getting a pork shoulder that would make good crackling at Christmas. After scoring and stuffing the flesh with cloves, season with salt, pepper, and mustard powder.

Cook in red wine, orange halves, and cinnamon. It will have a wonderful, zesty, and festive flavor! 

Beef: Garlic, thyme, rosemary, and sage make a world of difference in roast meat. For a crisper finish, rub a little oil into the meat and sprinkle it with salt. Baste with the aromatic liquids halfway through and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Lamb: Rosemary, garlic, and a dash of mint complement roast lamb well. So, if this is your preferred meat for Christmas, use it lavishly. Sprinkle some fresh mint over the top for a festive touch!

Chicken: Chicken pairs well with a variety of herbs and spices, but for a new twist this holiday season, try oregano and rosemary! Thyme will give depth to the meat, so use it if you want things to be a bit bolder.


We’ve all heard that a fantastic gravy can make or break a meal! It’s unbeatable with freshly steamed veggies and Yorkshire puddings. Because of that, we recommend making a large batch! 

For the liquid, add the fats and residuals of whatever you’re cooking. For instance, beef dripping or a ladleful of the cloves, onion, and wine in which your gammon was cooking. 

It’s a simple method to infuse those great flavors while also making it festive! Strong savory herbs such as bay leaf, marjoram, sage, and thyme can also be added.

A nutmeg sprinkling may give a festive sweetness, while black or green pepper and onion powder might offer an acidic edge.


Similar herbs will work here, whether you choose herb and onion or apple and cranberry. Add a dab of thyme and sage to brighten the combination, as well as salt and pepper to complement the other flavors. 

For the best flavor, a 12-person serving requires 1 tbsp. of fresh thyme and sage from Dorot Gardens, and half a teaspoon of both salt and pepper.

Yorkshire pudding

Stir the herbs and spices into the batter mixture if you want the great flavor to seep into your Yorkies. 

We prefer to add rosemary and mustard powder for a spicy taste that is balanced by the freshness of the rosemary.

Pigs in blanket

Bacon-wrapped sausage? Yummy! Traditional pigs in blankets are a lovely seasonal addition that can simply be boosted with a dusting of rosemary, pepper, and a dollop of wholegrain mustard on the side.

a plate of roasted potatoes garnished with herbs on a wooden tray

Roasted potatoes

To begin, coat your potatoes with goose fat, oil, and salt - toss to achieve crispness. Continue stirring after adding the rosemary and parsley. To achieve a complete flavor, flip halfway through cooking and sprinkle with a bit of additional herbs and salt.

You can always add additional herbs, but to get a good roast, less is more.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage is a Christmas favorite with a delicious spiciness to it. Add a mixture of herbs and spices, including 1-star anise, 1 cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, and nutmeg, if it’s a large batch. This is the side dish where the authentic Christmas flavors may shine.

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