Vegan Chocolate Mousse With Aquafaba | Video Recipe

Vegan Chocolate Mousse With Aquafaba. This beautiful vegan mousse is super airy and creamy, and it would be really hard for you to believe that there are no egg whites, or cream, or gelatin. And you won’t even taste chickpeas here. Happy Thursday everyone! Today, I...


Restaurant Style Matar Paneer Curry | Recipe Video

Restaurant Style Matar Paneer is another famous creamy and comfy Punjabi curry recipe hailing from the Northern part of India. This curry goes so well with Naan, steamed rice or parathas or roti. Watch Restaurant Style Matar Paneer Curry video below (please wait for a...


Sweet Potato Pumpkin Kebabs [With Video]

They are crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, sweet from the sweet potatoes & pumpkin, spiced from spices. I think they have pretty much everything to get you sold on these. Can we all take a moment and just have some warm and crispy kebabs, please! Why?...

82 Diwali Sweets and Snacks

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all are ready to have a great weekend. Our lovely Diwali is on Sunday. This Diwali, light up your homes with these 82 delicious sweets and snacks’ recipes. We all know that good food is a must in all the celebrations. No celebrations...


How To Peel Garlic Quickly In 4 Easy Ways

How To Peel Garlic Quickly In 4 Easy Ways | Peeling garlic is a tough task, however, it is still not rocket science. It's because unlike Rocket Science, there are no ways that you can fail. Also, thankfully there are many ways of peeling the garlic skin. You don't...


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