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Seasoned Sweet Potato Vada Grilled Pita Burger

This Grilled Pita Burger is super delicious Indian style burger made with seasoned sweet potato filling, which is dipped in gram flour batter, and pan fried.

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Seasoned Sweet Potato Vada Grilled Pita Burger

Prep Time = 10 minutes
Cook Time = 40 minutes
Total Time = 50 minutes
Category = Snacks
Cuisine = Indian
Serves = 4
Nutrition Info = 249 calories
Serving Size = 1 serving


» For Vada Filling //

» For Vada Batter //

» For serving //


» Making Vada filling //

  1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds to it. when they start to splutter, add sliced onions, chopped green chilies, salt, and turmeric powder to it. Mix well and let them cook for 3 minutes.
  2. Add grated garlic, crushed ginger and cook for 2 minutes. Now add mashed sweet potato, and mix well.
  3. Cook for 2 minutes, and add dried mango powder, and garam masala and mix well. Cook for one more minute and remove from heat.

» Frying Vada //

  1. Divide vada filling into 5-6 equal sized balls, and slightly flatten them. Heat the oil for deep frying on a medium flame.
  2. When the oil is hot, dip one filling ball at a time into the gram flour batter to coat well, and then deep fry till it turns golden.
  3. Repeat the same with remaining balls. Drain on paper towels.

» Assembling //

  1. Grill pita breads. Spread a spoonful of red chutney on one side.
  2. Place a hot fried vada ball on it. Spread sliced vegetables.
  3. Apply hamburger sauce on other side, and close the burger.
  4. Serve hot with french fries and your favorite drink. Enjoy!


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