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Ginger Garlic Paste

The ginger-garlic paste is used regularly in Indian cooking, a must-have in an Indian kitchen. Make Ginger Garlic Paste with this easy video tutorial.

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Ginger Garlic Paste

Prep Time = 8 minutes
Cook Time = 2 minutes
Total Time = 10 minutes
Category = Main
Cuisine = Indian
Serves = 1 cup
Nutrition Info = 110 calories
Serving Size = 250 grams


» For Ginger Garlic Paste:


» Making Ginger Garlic Paste:

  1. Add ginger, garlic, water, salt, and oil to a blender jar.
  2. Grind together into a smooth paste. There shouldn?t be any garlic or ginger pieces left.
  3. Store this ginger-garlic paste in a sterilized jar for up to 2 weeks.


  1. Always use a clean dry spoon when using paste.
  2. You can also store this paste into an ice-tray and then freeze the cubes in a freezer bag. This stays fresh for up to 6 months. Simply thaw and add this ginger-garlic cube to your curry dishes.

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