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Top Five Foods for Sous Vide Cooking

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Have you ever thought of upgrading your at-home way of preparing meals to that of a five-star restaurant?

Sous vide is a modern technique which majors on vacuum sealing of meals into plastic bags and inserting them in a water bath for slow cooking. In fact, you can cook any food without overcooking and make it a quality meal. So which are the meals that can be prepared by this method? Here are the top five foods that work out best.

Top Five Foods for Sous Vide Cooking


They are the easiest to cook because you can control the consistency of the egg and make a perfect one. As eggs are already in their shells, there is no need for them to be void packed. You only need to drop few eggs in at the right temperature and wait. And if you prefer scrambled ones, cooking sous vide results in a silky and rich texture.

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Cooking beef using traditional methods can be haphazard, especially when you have a grill that does not heat evenly. Preparing sous vide means that you can get your steak to the perfect temperature without the worry of getting overcooked meat or raw patches. It produces very delicious and tasty meat. However, steaks should not be cooked longer than four hours because the connective tissue begins to break down making it mushy. Master Chefs have been embracing this kind of cooking technique but due to technological advancement, home cooks can now use it. A perfect example of this method cookery equipment is the Sous Vide machine that gives you a flavored and nutritious food.

Chicken Legs

This is done by preparing meat in its own fat. However, the legs of ducks are not often available at the grocery store but there are many other things to confit. Chicken leg quarters are excellent for this. You only need few tablespoons of oil (of your choice) to get a restaurant quality snack with zero efforts. After you remove it from warm water, shred the meat and save it for salads and soups.

Top Five Foods for Sous Vide Cooking


Cooking lamb may be hard as it results to chewy and tough food. In case you have always viewed lamb as a little bit boring, try it sous vide. It clears all your guesswork and guarantees a succulent and flavorful cut that you do not have to constantly keep your eye on.

Top Five Foods for Sous Vide Cooking


You can slowly prepare carrots in your kitchen. You only need to seal them with some air inside and then place them in warm water in the kitchen.Try to add carrots to warm water with some fats (duck fat, preferably), garlic, and maybe some dill. Believe me or not, you will get the most amazing meal that you have never thought of. You will end up preparing a tasty and irresistible meal, even to carrot haters. Apart from taste, this meal is guaranteed healthy and nutritious.

Despite many foods that are best for Sous Vide, others are worst for this kind of cooking method; simply because it is never safe to cook them in plastics. These may include; Finfish, chicken breasts, Hollandaise, and liver.

Preparing Sous Vide has many benefits. Meals are cooked at lower temperatures for long. You can expect enhanced textures, flavors, and tenderness. You can say goodbye to overcooking or cases of chewy or burnt food. You are also able to get restaurant quality meals thus possibility of saving a lot of money spending on hotel dishes.

Top Five Foods for Sous Vide Cooking

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