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How To Start Eating Healthy

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There are many things that a person finds hard and perhaps the idea that tops the list is the one that deals with changing lifestyle. According to a research conducted back in 2012, half of the Americans involved in the study claimed that paying taxes was easier than changing their diet.


The main reason why people believe opting for a healthier lifestyle is difficult is because of the unrealistic concepts that exist in the society. From abs and six packs that define a particular body figure to the misconception of indulging in bland diet food, all these factors have contributed to make it difficult for a person to follow this path while in reality it is not a big deal after all. 

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily need to be consuming all greens as it can be fun, varied and delectable too and all a person needs to do it so make certain modifications in their diet that equate to clean eating, a little exercise and a whole lot of determination to beat certain cravings that are nothing but your foe. 

Here’s You Go For Clean Eating

Anyone who tells you that in order to initiate clean eating or a healthy diet, it is important to go for a certain type of food and spend a whole lot of money on it, just remember it is everything but the truth. In reality, following ideas by ActivEats are the perfect to get going with healthy eating that will benefit the human body in the longer run.

Stop Preferring Processed Foods

The first step to let go of the older lifestyle is to say NO to processed food. Since processed foods are altered or modified from their original crude nature, therefore they go a long way from being healthy and do more damage than good to the body. 

During the procedure of processing, such foods lose their nutritional value in terms of essential fibres which is replaced by synthetic sugars and other chemicals and contribute to certain diseases including cardiovascular diseases and other inflammatory disorders.

The simplest way to replace processed food is to do it with whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains as such foods still retain their nutritional values and help various body functions. So skip frozen pizzas and add crunchy vegetables to lunch/dinner in the form of salad, and to take the first step towards better living. 

Remember Sugar Is Not Your Friend

Another step that would take you closer to clean eating is to know that sugars would do you no good. Sugars are not the only key to diabetes and obesity but also leads to chronic liver damage, anxiety, cardiac and renal disorders and it is surprising how about half of the Amercian population consume sugary beverages on a daily basis. 

From sweetened coffee to sodas, there is always an amount of processed sugars that cause damage to the body in the long run. A simple way to let go of processed sugars from daily life is to opt for non-sugary or unsweetened coffee, tea and to skip soda.

Go Nuts for Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are the prime examples of the phrase good things come in small packages. These small fellows are nothing but a powerhouse that contains all the goodness of nature in the form of good fats, vitamins and minerals all of which gives the perfect nutritional boost to a person. 

Be it chia seeds or flaxseeds, these seeds do not only act as a pillar of the balanced diet but they also help a person lose their belly fat and facilitate nervous function. Consuming nuts and seeds is as easy as opening a bag of crisps as a person can always sprinkle it on cereal, cakes and other foods or just munch them in free time. 

Make Sure Healthy Food Is Not Much Effort Away

You know what will take you back to your unhealthy lifestyle? The absence of healthy food when you are hungry and therefore you’ll switch to anything that is easier to access such as processed pizza. 

To prevent such diet blunders to occur, it is important to stock the cupboard with health foods such as nuts, seeds and small portions of cooked veggies, fruits and whole grains. Maybe a bake a whole-grain cake or healthy cookies and store them in a jar for times that will urge to you go back to the old processed buddies. 

Trick the Brain With Smaller Plates

Many of you know might not know the fact that eating in a large plate tricks the brain into believing that you haven’t eaten much and there’s craving more. To prevent this from happening and to allow yourself to be sated in smaller portions, try eating in smaller plates and it will make the brain think that you have eaten enough. 

Furthermore, it is not just the size of the plate but also its color that influence a person’s eating habits. For instance, if the color contrast between food and plate is greater, people tend to eat less than usual. On the contrary, if there is low contrast such as a white pasta served on a white platter makes a person eats more than they usually tend to. 


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Ponder Over Your Probiotic Intake

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that stimulate the digestion and helps prevent or treat diarrhea. You should take probiotics every day.

Foods that include probiotics are yogurt (such as Mango Lassi | Mango Flavored Yogurt) and cheese that are gut-friendly and helps absorption of nutrients from the food and increase the immune system.

Don’t Let Your Friends Fool You

Imagine you’re out with friends and they order for everyone according to their preference and you are not supposed to eat that. To prevent this, it is important to focus on your cleaner eating habits and don’t let other force you into eating what they want. Similarly, stop bringing junk for friends gathering, telling yourself that you won’t indulge into it and serve healthier food so that no cravings compel you to eat something you have been resisting for so long. 

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