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How to Get Rid of Ants Around Kitchen Sink

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The cool environment and food particles around and in the kitchen sink makes it a favorable strike zone for all sorts of ants. They may wind-up to sink through doors, windows and cracks on the wall. Ants multiply really fast and if not brought under control they may pose health risks such as spread of cholera.


If you are tired of ants taking over your kitchen every few days or weeks, it’s time to apply new practical methods that will help get rid of ants around the kitchen sink. 

Here are 10 ways to get rid of ants around kitchen sink:

1. Keep the sink dry

All types of ant love moisture, and the sink being wet most of the time, offers a good place for the ants to nest. It may seem impossible but you should keep the sink dry when not in use. Hang a towels near the sink and wipe it dry when you are done with it. Ensure the piping system doesn’t hold water and its doesn’t leak.

2. Remove wooden components near the sink

You should not place wooden apparatus near the sink as they will absorb water and ants are ready to utilize even a single drop. Ants are known to chew wooden tools such as the chopping board and make nests in them.

3. Spray ant repellents

You can use off the shelf or homemade repellents to get rid of ants. Homemade repellents made using natural food products like garlic and pepper are good as you can use them to protect even the food. Irritation caused by these repellents is enough to send the ants packing. 

4. Seal wall cracks

Sinks are usually located near walls or windows. Windows with broken frames or walls with cracks may offer an easier access to your sink. Sealing the walls will cut access to your kitchen. Use strong sealants to cover the cracks and coat the window frames using a protective vanish.

5. Empty trash

Ants have a strong sense of smell and are not only attracted by fresh food. Trash attracts once they find their way into your house, expect them to explore the whole of your kitchen including the sink. Empty trash regularly and get rid of food particles on the floor, counters and the sink. 

6. Ensure the sink is clean inside

Ants are not only attracted by the cool environment inside the disposal unit of the sink but also food particles stuck in between the blades. You don’t need to dismantle the whole unit to clean it. Pour hot water mixed with baking soda, garlic or ginger into the drain. 

7. Use ant bait

There are several ant baits that kill ants by interfering with their digestive system. If you have access to borax, you can create a bait by mixing it with sugar in the ratio one is to three, that is, one spoonful of borax and three of sugar. Apply this mixture on the sink, you will not spot even one in the coming weeks. 

Another bait you can use is diatomaceous which is a common food ingredient. This powder kills ants by dehydrating their internal fluids. Ants dread this experience.

8. Clean under and sides of the sink

These areas around the sink offer cool dump place, perfect for stray ants. Ensure the sides and under the sink are sparkling clean. You can spray repellents frequently to keep the ants at bay. 


9. Erase the ants trail

Don’t expect to get rid of ants around kitchen sink if you don’t erase the trail because more and more will keep coming. Sprinkle cornmeal or use repellents to erase the trail or cover the entry points. You can also get rid of the ants once you sight them instead of waiting until it’s too late. 

10. Keep food in sealed containers

Exposed food will not only attract ants to your fridge, cabinet, countertops but also the sink. Store food in well sealed containers. If the sink is dry and there is no food particles for them to collect, you will never see even one ant in your house. It’s more important to prevent than to cure. 

The best and effective remedy for dealing with all sorts of ants or pests is preventing them from entering your house in the first place. Typically, there are three reasons why ants would like to make your kitchen sink their home. You sink can be a rich source of water and food. It offers a suitable shelter for ants free from adverse weather conditions. If you manage to keep your sink clean and dry, I guarantee you will not spot a single ant.

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