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How to Cook Like a Chef at Home

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Want to know How to Cook Like a Chef at Home? There are some things You Need to Know. Even if you are a good home cook, there may still be room for improvement; an opportunity to make your meals closer to the ones that are produced by professional chefs. You may not be able to replicate a professional kitchen, but there are still ways and means of cooking more like a chef, in your own home.

How to Cook Like a Chef at Home

You can embark on a course such as Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery which may also help you to take the first step towards cooking as a career. If you do not want to go this far there are still some tips you can take on board which can bring your meals closer to the standard of the ones that a professional chef produces. 

Be prepared

Professional chefs learn about “mise en place” which means “set in place”. This means that every ingredient you need should be weighed out and prepared before you start. It may seem as though you simply have an array of dishes in front of you, but it’s the best way to start cooking a professional standard meal. 

Make your own stock

Many home cooks take the easy route, when it comes to stock. They buy a packaged version from the store. The truth is that homemade stock has a much better flavour. It’s not that difficult to make chicken stock, or other types such as beef or vegetable. It usually involves throwing scraps, bones and ends into a pot, covering them with water and boiling them for a couple of hours. 

Leave meat to rest before slicing

Meat should not be sliced as soon as it’s cooked. It should be left for a little while, to allow the juices to be distributed throughout. An average cut of meat should usually be left for around 5-10 minutes but the thicker the cut, the longer the resting period should be. 

Use fresh herbs and spices as much as possible

Growing fresh herbs in your kitchen is an excellent way of making sure that you always have them to hand. It’s also important to make sure that the spices you use are fresh. Clear out the years' old spices from your cupboards and invest in fresh ones; preferably straight from the spice market. If you need to buy bottled versions, choose smaller amounts if you know you are not going to use them very often. 

How to Cook Like a Chef at Home

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Think about the presentation

It’s easy to think that it does not matter how you present food at home; but the way food looks is what first makes you want to eat it. Be creative, and spend some time improving the presentation of the food that you cook. Choose food colours that are complementary and create a sauce or garnish to brighten the plate. 

It may take a little time and effort to start cooking like a chef at home, but the results are worth it. You can impress your family and friends with your culinary expertise. 

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