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How To Become A Better Cook | 10 Points to Consider

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Cooking is indeed a fun activity. For beginners, there are certainly many things that they have to master. It’s also important to know some basics to become a better cook. You can be a good chef if you often practice cooking. 

how to become a better cook

When learning to cook, do not be afraid to try and fail because failure is the beginning of success.  Before practicing cooking, there are some things that you need to prepare and pay attention to these following basic cooking tips.

So, How to Become a Better Cook?

1. Dare to Start

If you don’t dare to start, even though you have learned from an expert, it still won’t help much. Don’t be afraid of the taste of your cooking being bland or too salty. It all is actually one phase of learning. Try to be active in learning to cook for your child and family. Everything starts from zero. Since you are a beginner, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed when someone comments on your cooking. 

If you don’t start, how can you become a reliable chef? Your curiosity in learning to cook will give you a clear path. It all depends on your seriousness. If you realize that this is a good hobby, then this will be good for you. As a result, later you will be trusted by many people and that you can open your own culinary business.

2. Buy Quality Cookware and Cooking Tools

As a beginner, you must choose the right cookware and kitchen tools. Because this will help to make the cooking process easier. If you have a set of cheap cookware sets that may be very thin and not made well, then you may have several difficulties while cooking. Food stacking, burning and easy cleaning are some major problems of low-quality cooking pots and pans.

Also, when choosing a knife, you must choose the good one. By having a good knife, you can cut and prepare ingredients well. You will save energy and time in preparing food. Because it will make it easier for you to consistently cut evenly, which will increase the dish to be more.

3. Know the Variety of Spices and Food Ingredients

If you want to be a good cook, then you have to learn as much different cooking knowledge as possible. It all starts with knowing the names of the seasonings and ingredients. This is actually not difficult because you can learn it while practicing cooking. 

There are so many spices and ingredients that you should know before you start learning to cook such as chili, shallots, garlic, coriander, paprika, lemongrass leaves, leeks, vegetables, and so on. When you start cooking, you will combine a number of these ingredients to create a delicious meal.

4. Starting with the Easiest Recipe

When you are just learning to cook, you shouldn’t start cooking food that is too difficult to make and requires a lot of ingredients. You can start with the easiest recipes like making soup, either meat soup, tofu soup, potato soup, and so on. 

You can also try making fried rice with a simple seasoning. Or you can also try to cook an omelet with makeshift ingredients. If you feel you have mastered some dishes that are easy to make, then you can continue to a higher level.

5. Read Recipes or Watch Cooking Tutorial Videos

As a beginner before starting cooking, you should read the recipe from beginning to finish first. The recipe provides important information for you that will help the cooking process such as setting up the right temperature to heat the oven or how to prepare ingredients. 

In modern times, you don’t need to buy a recipe book because you can read it on the internet. You can use the internet to find food recipes. Some people choose to watch video tutorials on YouTube because they can follow the instructor according to the flow. There are thousands of food recipes that you can learn from the internet.

6. Practice the Same Recipe Again and Again

Since you are reading a recipe book or watching video tutorials, you can cook well as if you are a good cook. But, you are not a good cook if you still read a recipe. Can you cook the same food without reading the recipe? This will make you become a better cook. 

So, it is important to practice the same recipe again and again so that you will master it. When somebody asks you to cook it again, then you will just cook it without watching a video tutorial anymore.

7. Try Other Recipes

If you want to become a better cook, you also have to master so many recipes. You should not be proud of one recipe that you can successfully make, but you have to prove it by cooking other recipes. You must at least master 10 up to 20 recipes at the beginning. Once you master all of those, you can cook more recipes until you can cook special food that nobody can cook but you.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Learn from the Expert

Sometimes, when you cook food several times, you still get a bad result. You do not know how it can happen while you have read the recipe book. Maybe, you miss something or the recipe is wrong. Well, it is not wrong to ask some experts who can give you lessons for cooking. You should not hesitate to learn from them if you really want to become a better cook. Perhaps, you have a friend who is also a cook, then you may ask her or him.

9. Ask for Some Opinions

When you cook some recipes, you may think that your food is so good. As a beginner, you may feel confident with your creation, but it is not a bad idea to ask for opinions from other people. You can let your family members teste your food and give some comments about it. You should not be annoyed when they say that your food is bad. You can improve it and try to find what’s missing.

how to become a better cook

10. Never Give Up

You cannot be a good cook in the first month of learning. You must be patient because everything needs a process. You should not give up and always try and practice. You will be a better cook when you can make people satisfied with your recipe. You also have to be confident and believe in yourself. Always explore new things that can help you increase your cooking skills.

Finally, those are some basic cooking tips that you probably want to know if you wonder how to become a better cook. Now, you can try it and learn to cook every day. 

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