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Hot Off The Grill! Ways To Cook Those Burger Patties

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Looking for some useful tips on how to cook burger patties? Or maybe, you tried grilling some burgers on your last weekend barbecue, but your friends were left unimpressed with the results. Well, worry not. Making perfect burger sandwiches with juicy, sizzling patties won’t seem so difficult once you master the right steps. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the steps and tips you should take when grilling your burger patties, to ensure you end up with mouthwatering burgers.


Buy the Right Type of Meat

Whether it’s ground beef, lamb, or turkey; one thing you’d want to ensure is that the fat content in your meat is no lower than 18%. Most commercially sold ground meat products usually have an 80/20 lean to fat ratio, which you can always check for on the package labeling. The fat helps bring out the juiciness and flavor out of the meat. Using lean and extra-lean meat- on the other hand- will leave you with dry burgers that lack that tender bite. Another thing that you might want to consider is how freshly grounded your meat is. 

Freshly ground chuck, usually results in more tender burgers. There’s always the option of buying giant meat chunks from your local butcher and grinding the meat you’ll use for your patties by yourself. All you need to do is a coarse grind pieces of meat that you’d- earlier on- cut and frozen for 15 minutes. This process will give you the freshest grinds you can possibly get. If you’re vegan, you can use mushrooms to make your burger patties.  Potatoes Patty or Aloo Tikki is also a great option for vegetarian lovers.  Meat lovers- on the other hand- have a rangy list to choose from: including beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and turkey.

Prep Your Patties the Right Way

The preparing stage involves seasoning and working your freshly ground meat to form semi-flat patties. To avoid over-seasoning your ground meat, use about half a tablespoon of salt for every pound. If you’re a novice at grilling burgers, we’d even advise you to hold off on the salting step until you’ve made your patties and are about to toss them onto the grill; as salt usually drains the moisture of your patties, leaving you with dry burgers. 

If you’re using chicken breast meat, adding some olive oil to the mixture helps prevent your patties from drying up. Other seasoning ingredients that you can also incorporate into the mixture include pepper, paprika, dried basil, and onion powder.

You’ll also want to avoid over-handling your ground meat as this usually ends up negatively affecting the tenderness of your burgers. The right way to go about this process is by gently working the meat and seasoning mixture with your fingers apart, to form a loose mix. When you’re rolling your patty balls, ensure to wash off first your hands on the faucet; as this helps the ground meat stick together faster. 

Also, make sure the patties are quite sizable, as they tend to shrink once they’re thrown on the grill. There’s a downside to making such large and thick patties- however- as they take longer to cook; thereby retaining fewer juices. If you prefer more flavor to size- therefore- consider making thinner patties. Forming shallow indentations in the center of each patty using your thumb also helps; as they tend to pull in as they cook. Creating these indents will, therefore, result in uniform-shaped burgers.

The final stage of prepping your patties before grilling them entails keeping them cold, as this helps with maintaining their compactness. Refrigerating your patties for a while before grilling them also helps retain the flavor-influencing fat in them. 

Use a Clean, Well-Oiled, and Hot Grill

A dirty grill with food debris from previous cookouts will make your patties stick, making it hard to flip them or release them from the grill after they’ve cooked. According to SuperbCookout, soaking your cast iron grill in a baking soda and vinegar mixture helps clean off sticky food remains, while also getting rid of rust. You can also choose to use an oven cleaner, especially if your grill grates contain too much leftover crud, This method calls for the oven cleaner to be sprayed on the grill grates, after which the grates are to be sealed for a 48-hour time period. 

The next part of this deep clean process involves washing off and rinsing the grill grates. It’s also advisable to re-season the grill grates with some vegetable cooking oil, as all that cleaning usually strips them of their old seasoning. This also helps with preventing your patties from sticking to the grill as you’re cooking them. What’s more, oiling your grates helps create those trademark grill marks on your patties.

As a final grill prepping step, heat your grill to a nice, high temperature before throwing in your burger patties. Whether you’re using a gas or charcoal grill, cooking your burgers over such high heat is advisable, especially if you’re looking to end up with a nicely textured crust in each of your patties. 


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Grilling Your Burger Patties

Once the grill is substantially hot and you’ve also frozen your patties for a while, it’s now time to cook. Let each side of your patties cook directly over high heat for three minutes, flipping them only once. After this, move them over indirect heat, flipping each one after two minutes. You should also hold off the urge to press down your patties with your spatula as they cook, as this squeezes off the juices that give them that unmistakable flavor. 

We’d also recommended that you grill your patties to an internal temperature of about 167-degrees Fahrenheit. You can always use a stick thermometer to ensure this. After your burgers have finished cooking, let them rest for a while. This helps the juices that had become concentrated on the surface during grilling to resettle all over the patties, according them maximum flavor.

Barbecues have a certain thrill about them. Maybe it’s the fact that watching any type of meat roast over a grill- including burger patties- usually appeals to our most primal senses. However, as you must have learned by now, your patties will only come out perfect if you incorporate the appropriate grilling tips; most of which we’ve detailed above. Add these steps to your grilling routine and you’ll have all your friends talking about your tasty cookout burgers all summer long. If you are planning to buy a grill then, you can also check out this wonderful article Best time to buy a grill I have shared earlier.  Happy grilling!

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