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Experts’ Easy Advice on How to Buy Meat

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Meat is one of the most important factors in our diets; it is where we get our nutrients and protein. To help you find the best meat in the market, here are some of the tips given by the butchers that you should know:


You can Make Substitutions

You don’t need to follow all the things written in your recipe. You can find alternatives and substitutions which sometimes could be cheaper than the original ingredient. 

For example, if pork chops weren’t available in the meat delivery market, you can buy a pork loin and just let your butcher cut it into chops. Pork loins are affordable than pork chops, thus it makes more budget-friendly family meals

Don’t be Shy, Request Custom Butchering

Whole pieces of meat cost less than those already cut ones. So it is advisable to buy bigger pieces of meat and just ask your butcher to cut it into your desired sizes. 

Fat is good, But it Must be in Moderation

If you want your burgers to be juicy, then just add a little fat to it. Buying a slice of lean ground meat will surely cut a big portion of your budget. You can choose another alternative like sirloin and ask your butcher to grind it. 

USDA-Grade is the True Quality Indicator

In choosing your meat, it is better to check whether it is USDA graded. Inspections and grading of USDA include how they butchered the animal, how they process the meat delivery, and how it was sold to the market. Read this resource by the carnivore diet experts to learn more. 

Thus, a slice of meat having this said mark is considered to be the best. It has met the standards for great quality. 

Skip the Expensive Beef

A lot of people like their beef rare because meats that are cooked rare would surely bring out the natural flavor of the food. But if you prefer it to be well done, you can just choose a less expensive steak. This is because having a good steak also depends on its sauces and spices. 


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It’s Okay to Shop for the Meat Markdowns

A slice of meat having a markdown doesn’t mean it is going bad. Surely no market would sell products that could harm their customers. Buying this type of meat will do if you freeze it or cook it within 24 hours, plus it would even save your budget.

Check the Packaging Date

Some markets sell their meats in the pack. To make sure that your meat is fresh, check the date when was the meat processed, the meat delivery, and the meat expiration. 

Know a Good Deal When You See One

Always be updated on the sales happening in your market. Try to monitor the prices during sales and determine your favorite cut meat is cheaper. For example, determining buying a $1.99 per pound of chicken breast could save you more portions in your budget than buying 79 cents per pound of a whole chicken.   

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