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Avoid Messy Disasters – Keep Clean While in the Kitchen

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It’s not always easy to keep you and your kitchen clean while you whip up your next delicious creation. Sticky counter messes, piles of dirty dishes and who knows what is on the front of your shirt.

Let’s face it. Cooking can be messy.

But you can save yourself time, stress and clothes by doing simple, cleanups while you master your next dish. Whether it’s wiping down counters, rinsing off dishware or covering your clothes, these tips will help you avoid a messy disaster in the kitchen.

Protect Your Clothes

The last thing you want is your favorite shirt getting stained as you experiment with a red wine vinaigrette. You want to have fun and let loose, but you also want to keep yourself in excellent condition as well.

Invest in clothing that can withstand the kitchen. Chef Works has a wide range of women’s uniforms and accessories that not only protect you while cooking, but you’ll also look and feel like a chef as well.

Pre-Cooking Inspection

You’re in the middle of mixing everything when you realize the one utensil you need is sitting dirty in the dishwasher. Now you have to wash dishes while trying to cook supper.

Quickly tidy up your working space before you even begin. Unload the dishwasher and clean off all the counter space. Make sure you have everything you need, clean and ready to go.

Have a Warm Soak Ready

When cooking, you’ll find you can use the same utensil more than once. So fill a bowl or a sink with hot soapy water. When you finish using something, toss it in the soak until you need it again or it’s clean up time.

Soaks are handy for dried on food. The soak helps loosen things up to make dishes easier to clean.

For your safety, don’t throw sharp knives into the soak unless you’re using them again right away. Utensils that touch raw meat should have a separate soak where they won’t contaminate your workspace.

Make Use of the Waiting Period

Whether you’re waiting for a dish to simmer, bake or cool, there’s bound to be a bit of downtime while cooking. This is the perfect moment to start tidying up the mess.

Even if you only have a couple of minutes to spare, the more you stay on top of a mess throughout the process, the easier the cleanup will be at the end.

Don’t Let it Dry

Nothing is worse than trying to clean a sticky solution that dried hard on a counter. Now your sticky mess involves a lot of time and elbow grease to remove. Prevent frustration and tired hands by merely wiping down spills that happen right then.

Bring In the Whole Family

Some days no matter what you do throughout the cooking process, a mess can get out of control. Good thing you have help!

Utilize the family to get the cleanup down quicker. Turn it into a game or a have a reward waiting for the kids in the end.

Start incorporating these simple tips into your cooking process. Keeping your kitchen clean and organized will allow you more time to focus on the important part – enjoying your delicious creation!

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