A Guide to Baking Without Using an Oven

// Who does not love a freshly baked cake or a pizza straight out of the oven? Baking is a primitive art that everybody wants to master.

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Who does not love a freshly baked cake or a pizza straight out of the oven? Baking is a primitive art that everybody wants to master.

a guide to baking without using an oven

The basic thing needed for baking is an oven or a microwave. But what to do when you lack both of them. Is it possible to practice baking in the absence of an oven? You are shocked, aren’t you?

Can you bake without an oven?

Well, you can bake without an oven. It is a very old technique and is being practiced all over the world for quite some time. Many places still have old brick wood stoves that are also called tandoors in some Asian countries. They are very easy to use. So what will happen if you find yourself in some outskirts where you travel occasionally or in some hilly areas that you visit during vacations where the microwave is not available and you want to enjoy your favorite baked delicacies? 

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The answer is that you can very much enjoy your favorite baked dishes there as well. How? The article describes some techniques on how to cook without an oven. You can find some smoker reviews on the web and purchase some best BBQ smokers. 

Some Common Techniques to Bake:

There are a lot of ways that you opt to bake while lacking the presence of an oven or microwave. In this article, you can find many traditional and non-traditional ways to choose from for baking. Among these methods, you can opt some of them straight away while some may require some time like a week or two. However, you can also go for these as well as a backyard activity. Some of these techniques are described under: 

1. Clay oven

Clay oven takes you back into the 1800s. People at that time were living in the colonies and were called colonists. They made their ovens out of clay. They used fresh mud for this purpose and baked bread and fed their whole colony. The clay oven is commonly known as tandoor in European and Asian countries. You can easily bake bread and pizza in it. 

You can create a clay oven by yourself or can have it made by someone working at a kiln. There are customized tandoors also available in the market at a fair price.

You will need the following set of items to make a clay oven yourself:

  • Fresh mud or clay to start with. 

  • Use Straw. You can even use dried grass. Both of these act as an adhesive once mixed in mud or clay. 

  • Some bricks to line up the interior of the oven.  

  • A base. It can be of brick or stone depending upon availability.

2. Wood-fired oven:

A Wood-fired oven is another nontraditional kind of oven that is very popular all over the world. They can be found in the food streets of Turkey, Egypt, and Italy. They are placed in the open streets and bakers usually bake a cake, pizza and casseroles, and bread. They are very easy to build.

a guide to baking without using an oven

The bottom line is that you can easily bake without an oven. Such ovens are very easy to build and you can make a clay oven in the backyard. Consider this as your summer activity.

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