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5 Indian Restaurants You Must Try in London

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5 Indian Restaurants You Must Try in London

Indians are known worldwide for their love for varieties of foods. Moreover, without a doubt, the Indian tastes are appreciated everywhere. You can find Indian restaurants all over the world and London is not an exception. The Indian restaurants not only give the Indians residing there the taste of home but also makes the locals of London fall for the Indian cuisines.

If you are planning a vacation or business trip to London, then you might also be concerned about the availability of Indian foods in that foreign land. Indian restaurants can be found scattered in every nook and corner of London, but there are some that no visitor to London should miss.

Here are those 5 Indian restaurants that you must try as they are loved by visitors as well as locals.


This Michelin star awarded restaurant is a very famous spot for dining in London. It was inspired by the colonial British-India gymkhana clubs where the elite class members socialise, drink and dine and play different sports. They are famous for their tandoori oven contemporary Indian dishes with seasonal British ingredients. Vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian dishes at this restaurant, are flavoured to perfection. They also serve verities of drinks and cocktails. The foods are so tasty and ample in the quantity that most of the guests here prefer carrying doggie bag afterwards.

Kricket Soho

This Indian restaurant is a unique as it is not owned or started by an Indian but two Englishmen who are greatly influenced by Indian taste. While working in Mumbai, they got so attracted to the local menus of the Mumbai restaurant that they decided to open an Indian restaurant back in London. The menu of the restaurant is divided into four headings each with four different choices – bread and rice, vegetables, fish and meat. It also serves jaggery tart and mishti doi as dessert in perfectly Indian style. This open-kitchen restaurant is also very pocket-friendly.

Dishoom King’s Cross

The King’s Cross is the third restaurant of the Dishoom series, and it is the best till date. It has been built in a magnificent three-storey Victorian warehouse. The interiors have been done carefully to give the ambience of 1930s Bombay with some witty twist to suit the taste of Londoners. Special dishes like smoky kebabs are cooked on slow charcoal flames. All the dishes here are prepared in the perfect traditional style of Indian cooking.


This Michelin star awarded restaurant is known for its coastal Indian cuisines coupled with an extensive list of wine to suit the taste of Londoners. According to the frequent visitors, the taste of food at Trishna is worth dying for, and the matching cocktails add more value to it. The dining space of the restaurant is very informal and sociable. The double side opening gives the place a unique semi-alfresco ambience as one of the doors opens into the street of the village Marylebone.

Chettinad Restaurant

This restaurant is named after a small village in Sothern Tamil Nadu and specialises in South-Indian dishes. They declare that they are no fancy restaurant; they only know how to cook authentic South-Indian foods that they freshly make on orders. Some of the dishes here are served on the fresh banana leaf as per the South-Indian tradition. It goes without saying, at Chettinad, they prepare large verities of dosas and appams in addition to the traditional south-Indian recipe. They also serve the Indian style thali where you can get a small quantity of almost everything.

Eating home-like food in a foreign country feels lucky to the taste-buds. Moreover, the twists created to lure Londoners in some of the dishes gives the unique feelings every Indian tourist to London likes to recall and share with friends. Visit these restaurants, and your trip to London will not only be exciting but tasty too. If you are a true foodie then book cheap flight tickets from Delhi to London, and save money to enjoy eating at the restaurants mentioned above.

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