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My Ginger Garlic Kitchen is a food blog based in Helsinki, Finland with visitors from, USA, India, UK and Europe forming it’s main demographic.

Sharing My Work:

All images and words on this site are my own and use of my content without my permission is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to share an excerpt or image on a website, permission is required before doing so. If approved, links directly back to the source with full and clear credit given to me:

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If images are needed for personal, promotional or marketing situations, they are available for purchase and will be provided once full-payment is made.

Sponsored posts:

Should a post be sponsored or an invitation, anything written about it is my honest account of the experience and in no way are my words influenced by the organization.

Branded products:

Branded products featured in recipes have been supplied by the organization in exchange of being used and shown in the posts. Credit is always given in such instances.

Work and Sponsorship:

If you would like to work with me on the following, don’t hesitate to make contact.

  • Sponsorship or advertising on MyGingerGarlicKitchen
  • Food writing and Food photography
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  • Recipe development

Final Note:

Please note – I can work with you as a brand ambassador and I also can share your posts on my social media profiles depending upon the contract.

Feel free to contact me at: anupama.paliwal ‘AT’ mygingergarlickitchen ‘DOT’ com for any queries, or from this page:

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